Match is a deduplication and cross matching data quality too
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Match is a deduplication and cross matching data quality tool designed to work directly with your database(s) or CRM applications, delivering duplicate free and correctly formatted data. Merge, purge and re-assign orphans with advanced data formatting and standardization using in-built data processor.

Match is fast, easy to use, flexible and gets the job done with the minimum of training or consulting. Search across an unlimited number of database fields to identify potential matches - even when data is misaligned by column. Powerful data processing to: name case, derive gender, link, merge, flag and group matching records, standardize poorly formatted names and addresses and purge out of date information.

Quickly review potential duplicates and enhance your records with drag and drop functionality to create the perfect record. Define your own match criteria, control match thresholds and avoid extraneous data affecting the overall ‘match score’ through simple configuration so Match returns duplicate candidates.

Powerful VB scripting extends the functionality of Match, enabling developers to define and implement their own matching criteria by writing and including those scripts directly into the product. Integrate with virtually any other application, perform specific pre or post processing functions. Integrate with Data Warehouses, ETL, CRM, ERP, GIS, EIS, BI and any other data visualization or migration application.

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